IT Spending and Documentation Services

  • Do you know how old your server is?
  • Do you know what the password to the backup device is? 
  • Do you know how many of your computers are running a no longer supported version of Windows?
  • Is your business is spending too much on your technology services and subscriptions each month?

For many businesses, the answer to all of these questions is, “I don’t know”. 

Local IT Department can provide advanced consultation and documentation services to give you the critical decision making data about your technical infrastructure and spending. 

  • Full IT Asset Documentation
  • IT Services Cost Analysis
  • Hardware Replacement Scheduling
  • Ensure Software Licensing Compliance

The Average Business Overpays for Technology Services!

Make business technology work for you rather than just burn through your capital. 


We'll work with you to examine your business's needs. Then, we'll evaluate the services and subscriptions you're paying for to find potential cost savings. 


You may be paying too much for:

  • Internet Access 
  • Business Phone Service 
  • Email
  • Hosting 
  • CRM Software 
  • IT Support Services 
  • Conferencing Software
  • Cloud Services 
  • Backup
  • Anti-Virus Subscriptions
  • Other IT and SAAS Services 

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IT Documentation is the First Step

If you bring in a new IT employee or a new IT vendor, do you have solid documentation to hand them explaining where everything is and how to access it? 

How many billable hours will a vendor charge you just to figure out how things are configured?  

Local IT Department can create the detailed living documentation that details everything going on with your company's computers, network and related services. 

Why is IT infrastructure documentation important?
Preparing and maintaining documentation for your IT infrastructure isn’t a glamorous part of keeping your IT systems running smoothly. Further, it’s not something you’ll use every day. However, it is a critical tool if something goes wrong. And as hard as you try, something will go wrong.
Assume you experience a catastrophic network failure. How will you provide backup if you don’t have your infrastructure documented? What would happen if you had a network problem that you needed to troubleshoot? A support professional will need to review the infrastructure in order to troubleshoot the problem and locate a specific failure. And, these are just a couple of examples of when you need infrastructure documentation.
Lack of documentation is a leading cause of costly and time-consuming troubleshooting.
When an IT support professional must start from scratch to find IP addresses, physical locations, dependencies and passwords, the time to fix a problem will naturally be much longer and more costly than if documentation were available.
In addition, infrastructures change. Some network experts find that a new network diagram stops being up to date around the time they’re printing it. To combat this phenomenon, it’s important that you document and update the documentation on a regular basis.

Services We Can Offer

Develop a policy
A policy will ensure that everyone involved understands the goal of maintaining accurate documentation. Include a description of the components of the infrastructure that need to be tracked, and the role each responsible administrator will play in keeping the documentation updated.
Create a diagram
A visual description will illustrate an overview of the infrastructure. Some diagrams can include everything in one place, including the network segments, routers, servers, and gateways. For larger organizations, you may need to create an overview, and then develop separate maps that go into the detail required for specific areas.
Maintain change logs
Often a failure in a server or other component relates directly to a change. When you maintain a log of things such as software versions and patch and application installs, you can use it for troubleshooting and to provide a roadmap if you experience a catastrophic failure.
Detail all hardware components
All hardware needs to be documented, not just servers. Information to document includes how each device is configured and connected to the network, as well as passwords or password hints.
Affix labels to all hardware components
It’s very possible that outside IT support professionals will assist your IT staff, especially when problems occur. Your documentation will only be effective if anyone involved can match the components on your diagrams to your physical hardware.

Business Technology Services for CNY and Beyond

Local IT Dept is a Syracuse-based Information Technology (IT) Services company providing complete professional IT Services and Managed IT Services for small and medium-sized companies.

For over twenty five years our mission has always been to provide the highest quality of IT Services and to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We follow a unique approach, and we have the right tools and the skilled people to manage your network and to help you move forward to grow your business and scale up.

Serving Syracuse, Utica, Rome, Herkimer, Auburn and the greater Central New York (CNY) Region and beyond. We strive to provide the best IT services and IT Support services to our clients.

As an enterprise class Information Technology service company, the Local IT Department model is unique and is designed based on a strong foundation of adaptability, reliability and expertise – you can rest assured knowing you have some of the most talented and accommodating IT service consultants in the industry to back you up.

Leveraging the right technologies is the difference between a successful modern company and one doomed to failure.

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