Employee Training is the #1 Defense Against Cyber Threats

Do your employees know how to keep the company safe? 

Growth Mode Technologies is now offering FREE In-Person employee IT security training for businesses in the greater Syracuse – Utica NY Area

User Training is the Top Way To Prevent
Ransomware – Data Breaches – Trade Secret Theft – Downtime – Malware – Hackers – Phishing Attacks – Identity Theft

Attention CNY Businesses: Hackers Want Your Company’s Data and it’s Money!

To keep your business safe you must be proactive and know what to look for.

Training for ALL your users is the first place to start.

Basic IT Security Training Helps Your Employees Keep Your Data (Your Business) Safe

We create a custom training for your specific company’s policies and procedures.

Our goal is to provide the most value possible to your organization and your employees by training them on both general best practices as well as your specific company procedures in the same session. 

How It Works

Schedule your initial planning meeting

We review your security procedures and make recommendations for improvement (where applicable)

We create a custom training for your company that includes best practices as well as your specific procedures

We schedule your training, come on site and train your team!

Is This Really Free? What is the catch? 

  • Yes, this single, in-person employee training session is offered totally for free to businesses in the greater CNY area.

  • The training may be live streamed to employees working remotely.

  • We may make recommendations or offer options for products or services that require a fee but those are always totally optional. No purchase is required to get this one free employee training.

  • There may be a fee for multiple training sessions or recording the session for reuse.

  • Your company’s management and/or IT team are required to meet with us in advance to review your company’s specific needs and polices. This meeting can be conducted in-person or remotely.

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