4 Marketing Methods Better Than Banner Ads & John Oliver to Explain Why


Last week on his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight“, John Oliver (of former “Daily Show” fame) talked a bit about online banner ads. To be specific he talked about how ineffective banner ads are.

We’ve listed 4 types of online marketing that don’t use the ever common and ever ineffective banner ad but first, let’s start with a giggle from John Oliver…

Here are some more effective online marketing methods: 

1 – Native Content / Native Advertising. If you watch John Oliver’s entire episode of Last Week Tonight you’ll see that he wasn’t just bashing banner ads randomly. That was actually part of a much bigger piece on native advertising. Native advertising is basically taking an ad written as an article and posting it as if it were typical news or other content. As a consumer this material is hard to distinguish from real news or content. Typically by the time they figured out they were reading an ad they had already got the message. While this has become a very effective marketing tool it is a bit controversial so think hard about if and how you use it. If used incorrectly customers could feel “duped” and become turned off to your brand. If used properly it can be a very successful venture.

2 – Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing has become a highly effective and lucrative online marketing strategy. In a nutshell, if you become my affiliate, you would try to sell my stuff on your site(s). If you are successful and you get one of your users to buy my item I pay you a commission. Basically it creates a sales force for your company. As a website owner this is much better than trying to make money with banner ads. With banner ads the website owner only gets a few cents per click on the ad. Affiliates typically get paid $5-$1000+ per sale depending on the item. You can set up your own affiliate program or use one of the many large companies to facilitate the technical stuff. One of the most popular affiliate companies is Commission Junction – CJ.com  check them out to learn more.

3 – Email Marketing. No, we don’t mean spam! While blasting your marketing message to an email list you purchased of 5000 people is a possible strategy it’s also a horrible strategy. If you are going to go that way just stick with the banner ads. They are just as ineffective but much less work for you. What we’re talking about here is email marketing to a good list… Market to past clients and/or people who have opted-in to your mailing list. Don’t blast them with emails everyday. Make your message clear, have a call to action and an obvious benefit. If done correctly email marketing can be as effective as an in person sales call.

4 – Social Media. It seems we are beaten over the head with social media marketing tips and tools and everything inbetween. While its become a bit harder to get right, social media marketing is the key to multiple success stories around the globe. Like email marketing social media allows you to focus on those who have done business with you or would like to do business with you. The biggest tip to keep in mind with your social media efforts: Keep it social! It’s about discussions and conversations that people would have in person. If you post nothing but boring business advertising you won’t go anywhere. You need to have some fun with it. Don’t sound like a politician when you post. At the same time you have to find the right mix of humor and humanity that doesn’t come off as unprofessional.

These items only scratch the surface of potential online marketing methods. I recommend you look into all of them before deciding where to spend your marketing time or money. Whatever you do don’t bother wasting anything on banner ads!

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